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An old Spanish proverb inspired the name of this website. The saying that, "Every baby is born with a load of bread under her arm" is comforting.

Just as comforting is the idea that you have the power to provide for your child -- you can make the dough to feed your family. 

You have the resolve, but you need ideas and encouragement along with way. This website is for you. 

And this is what I believe about you... 

1) Having children makes you smarter and capable of even more.  

People talk about "mommy brain," but areas of your brain actually grow when you have children. We're wired to be able to protect and feed our children. We don't get weaker by becoming mothers. 

What if having children actually strengthens your commitment, gives you motivation to lean in, and makes you wiser, braver and faster?  

This website exists to give you confidence. You've got this! 

2) There are tools out there to help you.

It's hard out there. U.S. social policy is sorely lacking when it comes to supporting parents. We don't enjoy the security of universal health care or free/highly subsidized daycare that our Canadian and European friends have. This needs to change, but in the meantime, there are a lot of resources that can help you to raise children while earning money. 

This website exists to help you find the tools, tricks, technology and teachers to amp up your productivity and earning power, along with your mothering prowess. 

3) Your baby (or child) is here to bring good things to the world. You are here to bring good things to the world.

It's my hope that this website introduces you to great ideas and resources, whether you just need a side gig, you work full time for someone else, or you're running your own business. 

Raising children and earning money can go together beautifully. Let's make some dough!