"Grant Savvy" Tells Us How Elvis Presley Would Have Written a Grant Proposal

Fundraiser April Northstrom has a great blog called "Grant Savvy," in which she writes about grant writing and proposal development.

Check out her recent post on Grant Writing with The King of Rock ‘N Roll!

Elvis has left the building, but according to Grant Savvy, he still has some lessons for you about building a good nonprofit program. Key to fundraising success is to communicate your nonprofit's vision for change, and to partner with other organizations for effectiveness.

Inspired by Grant Savvy, I got to thinking about future grant proposals I'd love to write...

  • Hound Dog -- A proposal to make shelter animals feel safer and calmer by installing radiant heating for warm and cozy floors, big windows for natural light, and cascading water for drinking and making soothing sounds -- just like Washington Animal Rescue League did.  Outcome: Happier, more adoptable animals!
  • Viva Las Vegas -- A proposal to build the first large community garden in Las Vegas, empowering people to get outside to meet their neighbors, learn to grow food and beautify their surroundings -- just like Tonopah Community Garden did. Outcome: A new supply of affordable, fresh and delicious fruits and vegetables for low-income and vulnerable people!
  • Good Luck Charm -- A proposal to build capacity for women in developing countries to make lovely jewelry using handcrafted paper beads made of recycled paper -- just like BeadforLife does. Outcome: Women empowered to make and market sustainable jewelry, with project revenue supporting their families as well as community development projects!

What songs on your Pandora stream are inspiring new proposals?