3 great books for your nonprofit book club (and why you might want to start a nonprofit book club)

Via a guest post from Melinda Billings, nonprofit communications guru Kivi Leroux Miller introduces us to an amazing and simple idea...


The twist to the idea here is that you're not (necessarily) reading the literary fiction or nonfiction titles that book clubs typically read. As Billings' nonprofit (Peacehaven Community Farm) does, you'd be selecting titles that are more technical or focused on your business strategies.   

We all may be reading compelling and intriguing books about aspects of nonprofit management or fundraising... but the ideas can stay trapped within the books' covers unless they're discussed and experimented with at your organization. 

A nonprofit management or fundraising subject matter-focused book club at your nonprofit could help coworkers talk calmly and constructively about difficult, even contentious issues. A book can be a trusted, impartial resource. 

Some titles to consider for your book club: 

Virtually every time I read a community-based nonprofit's newsletter, I want to send them a copy of Tom Ahern's Making Money with Donor Newsletters. Nonprofits need this book because everyone seems to be doing their newsletters all wrong! (But that's another post.) 

Anyone who is a little mystified by how foundations work (and what kind of strategies work to cultivate them as funders) should read The Ultimate Insider's Guide to Winning Foundation Grants: A Foundation CEO Reveals the Secrets You Need to KnowI love this book! Author Martin Teitel distills years of experience in working with grantseekers to tell you what to do, and what not to do, when approaching a foundation.  

A book on grants management could also spark some positive changes at your nonprofit. After the Grant: The Nonprofit's Guide to Good Stewardship is a great resource. Published by the Foundation Center, it has chapters on how to communicate with funders, meet with funders, write grant reports, troubleshoot issues, and position your nonprofit for its next grant. 

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