Who is the happy working mom? 

It's me, on a good day! And I hope it's you as well! 

I write "Happy Working Mom" posts to introduce you to great ideas and resources, whether you have a side gig, you work full time for someone else, or you're running your own business.

I write about working mom strategies because I believe that having children and a career at the same time is really hard, but it's worth it. 

I also believe that having a child makes you smarter!  

People talk about "mommy brain," but areas of your brain actually grow when you have children. We're wired to be able to protect and feed our children. We don't get weaker by becoming mothers. 

Your baby (or child) is here to bring good things to the world. You are here to bring good things to the world. And these posts are intended to help you accomplish all those good things!