A book that will make you feel better if you are going back to work after having a baby

The children’s book Oh My Baby, Little One, by Kathi Appelt, is a sweet little read about a mama who goes to work every morning, leaving her child in the capable hands of a good daycare provider.

The mama is a bird, and the daycare provider is a friendly sheep who wears cute hiking boots and happens to look quite a look like the author Anne Lamott, everyone’s favorite liberal auntie.

This is one of those books that’s as reassuring for the parent reading it as it is for the child being read to. Oh My Baby, Little One normalizes going back to work and leaving a child in the care of someone else for many hours, while not minimizing how hard it can be.

The reader is taken through a full day in the work/daycare life of this little family. It starts with the dropoff and ends with sweet reunification of baby and little bird toddler. It is comforting!

Reasons you may like this book:

  • The mom is some kind of fashion designer — super-fun to see her sewing in her studio and then sharing her designs over a coffee date with a duck’

  • The book nails the emotional wallop of going back to work right out the gate: “Oh my baby little one,/ the hardest thing I do/ is hold you tight, then let you go,/ and walk away from you.” Yeah, that’s it!

  • The little bird toddler is so cute! The round rosy cheeks and look of determination going through daycare activities are precious.

Reasons your child may like it:

  • Every illustration has a hidden heart that children can search for.

  • The book helps to explain where mom (or dad) is all day, and how the parent’s love is still present even when they aren’t there physically.

  • It makes daycare, preschool, or time with a babysitter look fun!

Oh My Baby, Little One is definitely a book to pick up if you are headed back to work with a heavy heart. It will make you feel better and your child will love it too!