Are you interested in posts about grant proposal writing and other types of nonprofit fundraising? You're in the right place!

For several years, I blogged exclusively about nonprofit fundraising. And today, I still do plenty of writing on this topic, along with my main content on making money as a mom. After all, nonprofit fundraising is the way I personally make my "mama dough," and it's a fascinating field! 

You'll discover that many of my posts are about building your confidence as a fundraiser. If you need help with grants development, this compilation of top resources on how to create proposals that get funded is for you! 

My posts and tutorials have been shared by dozens of nonprofit and fundraising trainers across the United States and beyond.  They can help you to: 

  • Write fundraising materials more quickly, with less pain and suffering

  • Become healthier at work -- emotionally and physically

  • Discover new ideas and tools to boost your productivity

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