Hey working moms (and dads): It's never too late to have a happy summer!

If you work AND parent, summer can be really hard. The stay-at-home parents and working parents with flexible schedules seem to be having all the fun.

But being intentional about the time you do have with your family can make all the difference. Here are three simple tips for getting the most out of your summer! 

1) Get a pool for your backyard or patio!

This tip comes from Jerusalem Greer, author of "A Working Mom's Summer Survival Kit." My family resisted getting a pool for a while because our yard has so many mosquitoes, but the bliss of floating in cool water at the end of a long day trumps a few bites.

Pools don't have to be fancy or expensive -- we got this awesome inflatable pool for less than $50 and we've been really happy with it. This pump makes it easier to blow up.    

2) Keep taking photos of your family's summertime fun and adventures, and commit to printing them out at the end of the summer.

My daughter loves looking at the album from last summer, and I'm looking forward to putting the summer's photos together (though I am not looking forward to the end of the summer)! 

This tip comes from parenting expert Dr. Laura Markham, who provides lots of sage advice on "Making this the Best Summer Ever with Your Kids."  

3) Turn your workday lunch into a picnic. This tip applies to everyone, whether or not you have kids at home! You get a lunch break every working day of the year, but during the colder months you won't necessarily want to go outside. Take advantage of these warm days and bring your lunch outside, to the prettiest spot near your office. Need some lunchpacking inspiration? I love these lunchbags by Art of Lunch. Not only do they feature works by amazing artists, they're super-functional and they hold a ton of food containers! I bought the style with the pretty wood handles and it is perfect for all my workday lunchtime picnics. 

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