This Is What’s On Your Mind

Every once in a while, I glance at my blog statistics to see how readers like you are discovering and using this website.

Do you want a glimpse into the hive mind of fundraisers? Check out this list!
  • The most-often googled phrase that brings people to this blog is, “How to write a theory of change.” Funders sometimes require such a document as an attachment to a grant proposals. At other times, organizations voluntarily develop a theory of change to help form and focus a project. Here’s my free download on How to Write a Theory of Change — I walk you through it step by step!



  • You’re also googling, “80-20 rule in fundraising” — Discover more about how 20% of your efforts can yield 80% of your results. It’s likely that just a small proportion of the potential funders on your prospect list are those from which you are most likely to receive sustained funding. These are the low hanging fruit — the funders you need to prioritize in your outreach.




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Grant prospecting software: The search is on!

How do you organize your information about grant deadlines, guidelines and contacts?  Back in the day, I worked for a nonprofit that hired a vendor to create a customized grant deadline tracking system. She customized Microsoft Access for us and it worked nicely enough. In more recent years, I’ve relied on Microsoft Excel and Google Google Sheets/Drive […]

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Hack your grant proposal

Do you ever wish that it were just a little bit easier and less stressful to develop your grant proposals? Are you looking for tips that will save you time (and perhaps save your nonprofit money) as you do your essential work? To help people who say “yes” to these questions, I’m developing a presentation […]

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Why I am Not a Grantwriter (And Why You Shouldn’t Be One Either)

People who write grant proposals are commonly called “grantwriters.” There’s some merit to this title – it’s easy to say, sounds kind of snappy, and most folks have a basic understanding of what it means. But this title is imperfect. There is something a bit flip about calling someone a “grantwriter” – it doesn’t fully […]

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Three grantseeking mistakes that lots of people make… and that you can easily avoid!

In the spirit of the Olympic games, my recent post, How to Win an Olympic Medal in Grantseeking, shared three tips for creating standout proposals: Communicate the urgency of the funding opportunity – not the urgency of your nonprofit’s need. Present projects that fit into a larger program vision, rather than projects that are small, […]

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